Landscaping before and after in Accord, NY - Victoria Gardens, Rosendale, NY

Landscaping Before and After Photos in Accord, NY

This cheerful home is set on top of a gentle slope overlooking a picturesque meadow. When you approach the house, you drive up the hill, through the sunny meadow and pull around the back of the house to a shady courtyard. To make the transition from “driveway” to courtyard and welcoming entrance, Victoria Gardens added […] Read More

Garden design and landscaping by Victoria Gardens with before and after photos in -NY Hudson Valley

Landscaping Before and After Photos in Glenford, NY

This dramatic before and after began by redoing the front sidewalk. A wide curved walkway leading to the house makes visitors feel relaxed and welcome. Using the bluestone from an old, damaged walkway and some imagination, the Victoria Gardens’ crew created a beautiful, functional walkway. The soft, chartreuse foliage of the Japanese forrest grass, brightens […] Read More

The Saddleback caterpillar has a bite that stings!

Aw! Look at that cute, shaggy little guy. But BEWARE! Watch out for the Saddleback caterpillar, “Acharia stimulea (formerly Sibene stimulea), is the larva of a species of moth native to eastern North America,” and has a distinctive “saddle” shape on its back. And the Saddleback caterpillar has a bite that stings! Not technically a “bite”: Those punk-rock horns and […] Read More

Aerial Video Tour of Victoria Gardens in Rosendale, NY

There is so much more than you can see from the road! Welcome to our rock-top nursery in Rosendale, NY. Victoria Gardens nursery and garden gift shop sits on top of a hill on the corner of Cottekill Road and Rt. 213. Driving by, it’s impossible to know that there is a full plant nursery […] Read More