We know plants.

At Victoria Gardens we divide up our nursery according to where the plant will go in your garden.

  • At Victoria Gardens, if you have a garden that is in full sun, you won’t accidentally fall in love with a plant that needs shade.
  • You can look at the flowers, colors and textures instead of squinting at the tags, trying to figure out if it will survive in your garden.
  • If you are browsing in the right section at Victoria Gardens, it will survive and thrive!

After 25 years of field testing varieties, we know what works.

Deer Resistant Shade Plants



For shady woodland gardens, you have a lot more options than you think. Some of the most elegant gardens, combining a rich mix of textures and colors – are shade gardens. Browse the deer resistant section at Victoria Gardens for inspiring plant combinations and vignettes.

Deer Resistant Sun Plants



For those of you with gardens in the middle of deer territory, not to fear, we have a wide assortment of deer resistant perennials, shrubs and trees, that can also handle full sun. We set up our nursery like a garden, so you can see plant combinations that grow together in the same conditions.

Full Sun Drought Resistant Plants



Your hose won’t even reach that full sun garden? No problem. Inspired by the work of the Ulster County Master Gardeners and Cornell Cooperative, we now stock plants suitable for xeriscape gardens. Planting a “water-wise” garden can eliminate the need for irrigation.

Not the same old, same old!

At Victoria Gardens we are plant enthusiasts! So we seek out unusual varieties. We bring in hundreds of varieties of perennials, shrubs and trees – always focusing on plants that will perform the best in our climate.

Shade Plants



Suitable for shade , but not deer resistant.

Wet Tolerant

Primula polyantha 'Francesca'


Plants that thrive at the edges of streams, ponds, and marshes.

Annuals & Container Plants



A wide selection of annuals for sun and shade.

We can answer your questions.

The knowledgeable staff at Victoria Gardens is here to help. We love plants and we can answer your questions, we can help you pick the right plants to guarantee success in your garden, or help solve a garden pest problem.

Visit and be inspired!

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